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Tips on How to Rest For People That Hate to Sit Still

This is a slightly ironic and possibly out-of-place post, given that the premise of this blog is to DO all the things I want to do and squeeze the most out of my day. But, alas... here we are.

I hate to rest. Objectively speaking, I'm also terrible at it.

My husband will be the first to tell you that I am typically over-programmed and incapable of sitting still for longer that 30 minutes. I used to flatly deny this, but now I just embrace it. I love my weekends to be jam-packed with activities, and I try to do the same for a few hours of my weeknights as well.

I think part of it stems from this feeling that our weekends are a treat and we should make the most out of them--and in the past, I've tied rest and relaxing to "wasting my weekend."

Well, apparently your body has a way of telling you when to slow down, or at least mine does. Last weekend, I had a minor pregnancy scare--the baby is totally fine, but long story short my Sunday was spent in bed, with very little…

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