Marble Days

When my siblings and I were little--I think I was about 6 or 7 years old--my mom told us the story of marble day and kicked off a tradition in our family that made many special memories for us as we grew up...

The story she told us, the story of marble day is about a man, who sat dawn one day and calculated approximately how many Saturdays he had left to live. At the time, he figured he had about 1,000 Saturdays left. So he went to the store and purchased 1,000 marbles and put them in a glass container in his house, and every Saturday he took a marble out of the jar and threw it away. To him, the reminder of the marbles and the diminishing pile taught him that each day was special, and that life goes by a lot faster than we know...

My mom started that tradition for us. And every weekend, we would choose a special way to spend our marble day. Sometimes it was a camping trip, others it was a trip to the theater, the beach, or the pumpkin patch. And during each marble day outing, no matter where we were, we would stop and close our eyes and make a memory together.

While we don't regularly celebrate our marble days together anymore, we still make a point to make memories. We made our most recent "memory" at my brother's college graduation, which was extra special for many reasons.

I'm telling you the story of marble day because it reminds me a lot of this blog, and the purpose behind it. Life is short, and we only have so many marbles in our jar. Do the things you really want to do, have the job you really want, take risks, try new things, and stop telling yourself that you'll do something "someday." I mean, why can't we live each day like it's a marble day?


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