What is a slice of someday?

Hi there! Welcome to a Slice of Someday. Curious what it's all about? I'm starting a Slice of Someday to hold myself accountable to today and to stop with the excuses of "someday." Let me rewind a bit and explain... 

My name is Casey. I am in my mid-twenties and my life seems to be stuck on 'fast forward.' Really. I am not exaggerating, the last five years of my life have flown by and I'm not quite sure what happened.  I finished my undergraduate degree early and immediately jumped into graduate school in 2013, where I ended up meeting "the guy," whom I am now fortunate enough to call my husband. I was 22 at the time. That same year, I applied for an amazing fellowship opportunity, which turned into the dream job that has become my career. Today, I am married to a truly wonderful man, with a baby on the way and two labrador puppies that I proudly claim as my fur-children. 

As truly, truly wonderful as this all is (really, I am so #blessed...please note the use of that hashtag ironically), I've developed a terrible habit of dreaming of "someday." 

Someday, I'd love to work in a bakery (okay, and learn how to actually bake). I would love to learn a foreign language, take cooking classes, and finish a full Iron Man. I want to finally knit the blanket that I've been telling myself and my poor husband that I'll eventually finish. I plan to write a novel (well, I started a few chapters once?) and be the friend that pens the perfect 'hi, how are you' cards that one actually SENDS in the mail, like instead of a text. I want to trek in the Himalayas, eat in the midnight markets of Singapore, and sail through the Adriatic. I have this wonderful vision of baking scones on a Tuesday, just because. And I have a very random interest in taking classical ballet lessons, which of course I haven't gotten around to... but "someday" this will all happen. Someday. 

I've been feeling so stuck in my daily routine (wake up, exercise, work, Netflix, sleep) and I've decided that I'm sick of waiting for my "Someday" to happen. In my short twenty-five years, I've realized that if I don't prioritize my dreams, hobbies, passions, random sidebars, and explorations, I will probably continue in this routine until I am old(er) and retired. And I have a terrible, sneaking suspicion that my someday won't actually come. 

SO, with all that being said.... I have decided to start this project to prioritize the little things that we all put off, the things we all tell ourselves we'll do someday. My plan is to do something each day that I would otherwise put off in favor of leftovers and the couch--maybe its a road trip or making my own ice cream, the idea is that it'll be something purely for myself. My hope is that this space also holds me accountable, so I can't just revert to my Netflix-watching ways come Monday afternoon.

Anyways, welcome to my "slice of someday"! 


  1. I love seeing you blog again. I really enjoyed your years talking about oatmeal and bananas --- and living vicariously in your amazing days. I also love the notion of a "slice of someday" as time really does fly. As we sat at your brother's graduation recently, I remember one phase "you always have time for what you make time for". Go forth and conquer.


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