A Concert and Finding Time vs. Making Time

Hi and happy Wednesday!! This week has flown by, thanks to a busy workweek and a few fun after-work plans! I thought I'd quickly recap our festivities before diving into some substance here (aka how to make time for the things that are important to you).

Last night felt more like a Friday, as we had big plans for a concert out at Wolftrap (about 20-30 minutes from DC) starting at 7:30! We each made it home from work around 4 ish and I prepped some pumpkin cornbread while I heated up some leftover turkey chili.

I used the New York Times' recipe for skillet pumpkin cornbread and while it was a quick & easy side dish... we weren't a fan of this savory spin. I always think of cornbread as being sweet and cake-like (which really goes well with a spicy soup, stew, or chili) and this turned out to be all salty and savory and nothing like I expected!

Anyways, after an early dinner and a quick stop at the store for some refreshments--Wolftrap is awesome because it lets you bring in snacks, food, drinks, and alcohol--we made our way out to the concert venue to see.... THE GOO GOO DOLLS!!!!

Evan purchased the tickets months ago and gifted them to me for our first wedding anniversary--hello, perfect paper gift! We have a thing for throwback 90s hits and the Goo Goo Dolls is one of our absolute favorite bands!!

The venue was perfect, as was our weather. It was 60 degrees and breezy... and we had amazing seats in a box on the 2nd tier (super fancy, I know).

The concert kicked off with Phillip Phillips as an opening act and he was really great--totally different from the kid that won American Idol back in the day! I had never heard any of his music other than his famous, Home, but both Evan and I were really jamming!

After a short break, the main act came on.... and we did not stop singing and smiling for their entire set! It's insane how many Goo Goo Dolls songs we know (both their old and new stuff) and they were GREAT performers! The energy was amazing!

The concert ended around 11:30 pm, which meant we stayed out WAY past our typical 9 pm bedtime... but wow, was it worth it. It felt really special to be out late on a 'school night' and it was a good reminder that a late night every now and then is totally acceptable.


OKAY, well here I am, running on 5 ish hours of sleep.. and wanting to talk to you all about something REALLY important to me: Finding Time vs. Making Time.

How many times have you heard or said something like "I really wanted to, but I just couldn't find the time to do XYZ..." or "I wish we could have visited/seen/done that when we lived there but we never found the time" ?

I am certainly guilty of saying these things, but I have to tell you that this phrase 'find the time' is my biggest pet peeve. Seriously. I think people use it because it lets us off the hook. As if we're saying we REALLY wanted to do something but it was out of our control because time is just too short...

While time is short, and there is only so much in a day... I think that is just a poor excuse for not doing something. I think there is a strong difference between finding time and making time for what is important to you. Finding time, to me, is such a powerless action... I mean really, time doesn't just fall into your hands. You are the actor here. And if you don't make the time to do something, bets are that it won't happen.

Making time is much more powerful, right? Truthfully, we are the only ones with the power to make time in the day to do the things that we must do, and want to do. So, when I heard people say they can't find the time, I want to tell them this:

you can always find time in your day for the things that are most important to you. 

It's just a matter of priorities. For example, exercise is a huge part of my life and I make it a priority to exercise almost every day of the week, rain or shine, tired or not, on vacation or home... Food is another big part of my life (hello, shocker) so I make it a priority to sit down three times a day to a meal that I enjoy. I make time to grocery shop, meal plan, cook, bake from scratch, and dine out with friends and family, because it's something that brings a lot of joy to my life.

Making time doesn't have to be this big undertaking... I feel like people view it as a zero-sum game like "well if I do that, then I can't do this" but I don't really think that is the case. It's more relative, right?

I was thinking about ways to make time for EVERYTHING you want to do in your day, in your life, whatever! And wanted to share them with you all...

(1) Wake up earlier. I think the most productive part of my day is in the morning, so I really enjoy stretching out my morning hours to squeeze every minute from it. I wake up every day at 0500, not because I particularly enjoy it but because I know that is the only part of my day where I will find/make/create the time to work out. I tend to wake up early on vacations too so I can sneak in/out for a workout without derailing the day's plans! I love starting my day off like this!

(2) Stick to your 8 hour work day. Obviously that varies based on your job or career, but I think it is really important to work your butt off during the work day, and leave it all 'on your desk' when you walk out the door that afternoon/evening. A lot of my coworkers work longer hours, into the weekend or after hours... and I feel like that really cheats you out of precious hours in the day.

(3) Delegate. There are inevitably things that you have to do, but probably don't want to do... aka chores. I have a hard time enrolling others--including Evan--to help me with the things on my to do list, but when I do, I realize how much time I save when I'm not running around trying to do everything!

(4) Schedule FUN. If you're anything like me, you have this long to-do list every day that starts with things like laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. And rarely do we carve out FUN activities as if they were just as important as these chores! Imagine if you made fun a priority, and something you HAD to do... well, you can. and you should. Write down things like "get a pedicure" and "brunch with friends" that take precedent over your laundry.

(5) Let go of the things you think you should do. Okay, okay I know there are things that we all have to do... pay the bills, walk the dogs, take out the trash. I get it. Do those things. But don't do the things that you feel you should be doing.. let me explain. On the weekend, I have all this time and I feel like I should be making the most out of it, always go-go-going, even if I'd rather be sitting on the couch reading a book, or taking a nap. Do what you actually want to do, not what you think you should want to do...

WOW that was a long post. And I hope I didn't come off as preachy.. as you can tell, I'm really passionate about this topic! These suggestions and opinions are just what works for me and my family! but I hope it at least gives you some food for thought :)


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