A Perfect Foodie Weekend

Hello and happy Sunday! As I sit here on my couch... on the eve of the start of another week, I am inevitably sad to let go of a perfect weekend and launch into another work week. But typing this up and reflecting on our weekend seems to be a good way to squeeze the last moments out of the weekend.

I had to work a bit later than usual on Friday, and by the time I got home I was EXHAUSTED. After a short nap with my pups, I felt like a new woman, ready to kick off our weekend. We decided burgers and fries were a must and headed to Mad Fox Brewery to satisfy the craving (along with Evan's need for a good beer).

The weather in DC this week has been so amazing! Not too hot, not too humid, and totally unlike our typic summer weather... This meant an evening outside in the sun was in order. Since we're early birds, we got our pick of tables and enjoyed Frickles (fried pickles) while we decided what to eat.

Full disclosure, all I wanted in the world was a Caesar salad... but that's an iffy dish for pregnant women.. and I struggled to find something to fill the void. Hath have no fury like an unfulfilled pregnancy craving. So, naturally, after a mini-meltdown... I went for the Cobb Salad with a side of fries, while Evan chose the Mad Fox burger.

Hit. The. Spot.

This was exactly what we needed on our Friday... and it ended nicely with a trip to get frozen yogurt and unwind with an action-thriller on the couch (I know, I know... didn't I tell you this was our go-to weekend plan? Good food and Netflix?)

An early night meant an early morning, and I was up bright and early to walk the dogs and start breakfast... It's our weekend tradition to start with pancakes or waffles, and always bacon! So, I whipped up some pancakes with chocolate chips and blueberries, while Evan tackled the bacon. A hot second later, we were wiping the last bits of syrup from our plates and discussing what to do with the day ahead.

First up? Exercise + a walk with the girls... we decided to tackle two birds with one stone and head to Roosevelt Island for a run/walk with the whole gang. We tackled the large loop around the islands before heading down the Potomac Heritage trail to round out of morning with a few miles on the trail.

I think we tired the girls out, because as soon as we got home they hit the couch and we readied ourself for the day! After a quick refuel (um, hello tuna melt...) we were ready for our next adventure: Madcity Dog Days sidewalk sale over on 14th and U

The weather was still amazing--high of 80, with a nice breeze--so we strolled and browsed the sales at each boutique, hit up the farmers market, and stopped for a cone at Jubilee!

Two cones of banana bourbon caramel ice cream to finish our afternoon. My health app said we had hit around 8 miles between our hike/run and our walking, so I was eager to get to the couch for a rest....

Of course, we started watching No Reservations, one of my FAVORITE movies, and immediately started craving Italian. If you haven't seen the movie and also have a love of food and cooking... definitely watch it.

As we watched, we flipped through a few cooking books and came up with our final evening entertainment! Homemade spaghetti and sausage (made by me!) with a coconut creme cake (made by Evan!)

We rushed off to the grocery store to get all of our ingredients and hit the kitchen. We turned on some fun tunes (Mambo Italiano on Spotify) and I cooked while he baked... it was a CRAZY big project but he tackled it with ease.

Evan cracked open a bottle of red, which meant I got to take a few sips--YES--and we dove into our creation:

The pasta was perfect, and I am embarrassed to admit this was my first attempt at homemade marinara... I can't believe I've waited for so long! It was so easy and it tasted way better than the canned sauces.. I think the most obvious thing was the lack of sugar. I forgot how sweet the store bought stuff can be, and it was a nice change of pace.

Evan's cake really stole the show though. he used freshly ground vanilla powder to make the coconut stand out, and shortly after dinner was done, we sliced into this two tiered dream! Coconut cake with a vanilla coconut frosting? Yes please.

I am not even surprised that I fell asleep at... 9. If we're being honest, I barely made it to the 9 oclock hour! But of course, that meant another early morning the next day.

We started off with a light snack (fresh peaches from the farmers market and a few bananas) while we tackled the entirety of the apartment. We had lots of cleaning to do because we were having friends over that afternoon for a beer brewing party!

We had an important lunch date with friends for dim sum, so we did another quick run/walk together before our stomachs told us it was noon and time for some food! This was their first time trying dim sum, so we had a little bit of everything and enjoyed mounds of fresh noodles, dumplings, and buns!

I was inhaling food too quickly to take a photo. But I can assure you, it was tasty.
We headed back to our apartment so the boys could brew while the girls hit up the salon for a pedicure and some girl talk.  It was the perfect Sunday afternoon!

After a few hours, the boys finished brewing for the day, and we said goodbye to our friends. Evan tackled cleaning the kitchen, while I headed to the grocery store to pick up a few items for our week! Since we were still full from lunch, almost 6 hours later... we decided to go for a snack plate for dinner.

And, now we're curled up on the couch with our puppies, watching Chef (another great cooking movie)... and getting ready for the week. I hope you're doing the same!!


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