My Someday List

I was thinking about this the other day.. I haven't actually written down all of the things I want to do (in life, as part of this project, now, in the future...) But I figured it would be helpful and probably more productive if I wrote down some of my someday goals, plus I'd like to share them with you all. I don't want to approach this as a bucket list but, for lack of a better word, that seems to be most analogous.

When I started this project, I was fed up with my repetitive 5-9 schedule, and my inability (or lack of will and energy) to DO the things I've been wanting to do. We seemed to be living for the weekends, which meant the majority of my week was just time passing by...

Every time I had a new idea in mind, or hobby or career goal, I would turn to my husband and say "wow, I'd love to do that someday," and he would loyally reply "don't worry, you/we will." Well, who knows when that mythical 'someday' will come...! So anyways, that's a long-winded way of saying, here are the things I am GOING to do and the ways I will make time for these things moving forward:


- Write. Secret is out: I love to read and I especially love to write. So much so, that I even started a book, with a character development concept, title, and first few chapters complete! Sometimes, on my many dog walks, I dream up plots for books that one day I'd like to write.

  • Start a running list of plot ideas, characters, and random musings that come to mind
  • Take a creative writing class
  • Spend my time reading without guilt
- Indulge my love of cooking and baking. I think I'm already doing a better job of this since I've started this project, but I really want to explore this passion of mine. I already love to eat (obvious, no?) and I really enjoy cooking... I've dabbled in the occasional baking endeavor, but have not really prioritized this area much in my life. I'd love to take a few classes, maybe get serious about making the time every night to do something I love.

  • Take more advanced baking classes
  • Sign up for a cooking program (L'academie du Cuisine in DC offers a bunch) 
  • Prioritize meal time every night
  • Try new recipes and cook for friends
- Get certified for group fitness or personal training. I mentioned this earlier on the blog, but I have a thing for high energy workouts. I think group fitness classes are one of the best motivators, and I miss the days when I belonged to a gym and would wander in and sign up for whatever class was coming up next. Kickboxing? Spin? Body pump? Sign me up! Fitness and exercise are such big parts of my life, and I feel that I just write it off because I don't have the time. Not many people know this but I flirted with the idea of going into nutrition and physical therapy majors during undergrad, and of course my fear of failure steered me in a different direction.

  • Take new classes at our local gym 
  • Research online and self-study certification courses

- Train for and Complete an IronMan. Okay, so this seems a bit cliché right? I feel like everyone has some physical goal in their minds that they'd like to accomplish. But I'm really serious about this one! I've conquered the marathon, 50k, and 50 miler distances, but have only really done one triathlon, despite my interest in venturing past the safety and comfort of distance running. So, I'm going to put this one out there.

  • This is on hold until the baby is born, and until we figured out where we'll be living next year (I'll write more about this later...) BUT, sign up for a training program
  • Identify Olympic Distance and Half IronMan distances
  • Join the local pool and begin swimming regularly

- Summit a mountain peak. Again, probably a bit overdone in the bucket list arena. I think a summit would be an amazing challenge, one that I've yet to complete. I came close when we were in Ecuador in 2015... but by close, I mean we were set to summit Cotopaxi, but then I got violently ill (thanks to you, street meat) and was basically bedridden for the entire trip.

  • Choose an adventure and sign up!
- Knit a blanket. This seems to be as equally hard for me as summit a mountain or training for an IronMan... I have started so many knitting projects, only to lose my motivation and move on to another project. How amazing would it be to curl up in a blanket that you made yourself? More so, I love the idea of knitting for others... I just have to, you know, finish what I start. 
  • Invest in quality yarn 
  • Make a game plan and stick with it 
  • Knit while you do other things--movies and popcorn go great with knitting.... right? Knitting on a plane is basically normal...?


- Prioritize the relationships that matter and let go of the ones that don't. This seems to get harder and harder as we 'grow up' and distance tends to separate us. I have a handful of people that I am lucky enough to know and call my best friends, many of whom live all over the country--and world! and it seems like it's always 'too expensive' or 'too complicated' to find a time to get together regularly, call, email, skype etc! The other half of this equation is letting go of the people in my life that don't serve me, and I don't mean that in the literal sense, but more of... we only have so much time in our day, why waste energy on people that don't bring positivity and light into my life? I think this is a harder lesson to learn.

  • Make it a point to connect with one friend each day 
  • Write letters and send little packages to keep in touch
  • Say 'yes' to everything--Go to that concert with a girlfriend even though it's late on a Tuesday, grab dinner even though it messes up your meal plan...
  • Make trips to see the people I wish I could see more--many of my friends live in other parts of the country and world! 

- Change my bad habits. This is a bit strange to type in this space, but I have these terrible quirks that I've let slide for awhile... namely, I am extremely short tempered and argumentative. My poor husband probably sees these qualities come to the surface most often, and after a 'blow up' of sorts, we always end with a promise of, "okay I'll work on it." And a few days later we're having a similar conversation. I've never actually sat down with the intention of changing my ways, but better now that later (or never!)

  • Meditate regularly using Head Space (such an easy app!)
  • Talk to Evan about my goals and ask him to be supportive
  • Take three seconds to respond when I am angry or frustrated 
  • Write down any thoughts or frustrations I may have, and let them go


- Live overseas. One of my best friends teaches english abroad and I find myself in awe of her courage to follow her dream, even if it takes her to new places without the conventional support network of her friends and family. It is one of our goals to live and work overseas, and we plan to make that happen!

  • Apply to a few jobs overseas
  • Read more about living overseas in the less-conventional places and raising kids!

- Camp/Hike/Explore Patagonia.  This is one of those bucket list-type items. My husband actually came up with the idea and we dream of flying into Chile or Argentina and making our way through Patagonia, camping and trekking, and taking some amazing photos to remember it all.

  • Again, this is something that will have to wait until the baby is born and until he is a bit older, but we plan on a two week trip here! 

- Take a cycling trip. I am obsessed with combining my love of travel with my need for go-go-go activity! A few years ago, when we were booking our trip to Ecuador, we stumbled upon the Clymb, which is a site and service that offers some amazing adventure packages around the world at an affordable cost. The website had so many cycling packages through european cities and countrysides that I knew this would be something I wanted to do!

- Go camping. Yes, this is ridiculous, but I've been camping a total of one time. And it was a pretty tame experience; just an hour or so outside of the city, minimal preparation necessary, and fresh food made over the fire. Evan and I registered for a lot of camping gear for our wedding and have YET to make good use of it!

  • This is an easy thing to do with or without kids, with or without our puppies! We just need to pick a weekend and make a plan... 

Well.... that's all I can think of right now, but I promise I'll check in with more as the ideas pop up! I'd love this to be a living document, that I can edit and update with progress and stories and photos!

Thanks for reading :)


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